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Solutions as a Service - Making IT Simple

myCloudDoor is your ideal partner for integrating SAP and Microsoft

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What we do

myCloudDoor is a Managed Cloud
Partner, integrating SAP Software
and Microsoft Azure Cloud Solutions

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We provide the Cloud Full-Stack:

Integrated IT Solution: Infrastructure +
Licenses + Services + Applications
based solely on Microsoft & SAP Products
provided under a totally flexible model.

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Blog - Latest post

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Both Cloud Vendor and Customer can increase satisfaction and avoid churn rate by alternative ways of contracting SaaS

Is your Organization Ready for the Cloud?

If a Transition to the Cloud is going to impact or change the processes within the organization, make sure you are ready for them.

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Perfection is not a goal in itself, but an endless road. In order to get things done it has more value to be Practical, start your work and improve from there

The new myCloudDoor ready to help customers bring real business value with Cloud Computing

The new myCloudDoor helps customers to obtain real Business Value by integrating the best of the SAP Business Software solutions with the Microsoft Cloud Services and Solutions based on Azure. This is achieved by offering great value services based on the Agile Cloud Framework methodology

myCloudDoor is the SAP and Microsoft Cloud Solutions Specialist

  • Business Users Productivity

    Access your Business Applications from the most familiar, easiest and best user interface experience, such as Microsoft Office, Office 365, SharePoint or SAP Fiori apps

  • Integrated Solutions

    Cloud for Cloud, Technology for Technology sake just does not make sense. We offer end to end integrated Business solutions based on SAP and Microsoft Software, perfectly integrated and with the highest level of control and Security. You don’t need to build new Cloud Silos or acquired independent Cloud Services, what you need is a Cloud solution partner

  • Implementation Projects

    With the flexibility and the service quality required by the most demanding customers, we take care of implementing and customizing the application software, the data migration and setting up the integration requirements, all under the Managed Cloud monthly fee umbrella. Access to the best solutions has never been easier or more economic.

  • Licensing

    We can provide you with the licensing required, whether it is a SaaS subscription, and On-Premise licensing model or “Bring your own license” from SAP, Microsoft or any other licenses required for your complete solution.

  • Platform and Infrastructure

    Windows Azure is much more than Infrastructure, is the Microsoft Cloud Platform comprised of a whole suite of Cloud Services including Computing, Web Services, Development Environments, Networking, Data and Application Integration, Security and many more. The Added Value provided by Microsoft Azure is unmatched by any other global competitor