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myCloudDoor, a leading innovative Company in the areas of Managed Cloud Services (MCaaS) Consulting, Advisory and professional services for migrating systems and applications to the Cloud, for its continuous growth and expansion is looking for several types of professional profiles.
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Smart Cloud Migration

With Velostrata we move workloads to the public cloud in minutes

We use the most advance Migration Tools: Velostrata


Velostrata software lets you move workloads to the public cloud in minutes, while controlling and automating where storage resides—on-premises, in the cloud, or a combination of both.

Our solution is different


NNo need to modify applications, images or storage, and you can use the same tools and processes that you use to manage your VMs in house. It’s as easy as selecting a VM and clicking “run in cloud.”


You can have applications up and running in the public cloud in minutes, instead of weeks or months. Storage can be kept on premises or migrated over time, without interrupting application performance.


Velostrata is the only solution that addresses migration of both compute and storage and de-risks the entire process of moving to the cloud. Move only the data you want, and going to the cloud is no longer a one-way trip—moving applications back on premises or to another cloud is just as easy.  

Cloud Advisory

We help our clients in the adoption and transition of their systems and enterprise applications to the Cloud

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