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myCloudDoor, compañía innovadora y líder en servicios de Nube Gestionada (MCaas) y en proporcionar soluciones, consultoría y servicios para migrar sistemas y aplicaciones a Cloud, en pleno proceso de crecimiento y expansión, necesita para sus oficinas en Madrid y para proyectos nacionales e internacionales perfiles profesionales.
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Migración Cloud

Somos especialistas en analizar y migrar tus aplicaciones empresariales y soluciones a la nube.


Los servicios de myCloudDoor se adaptan a las necesidades y elecciones de los clientes.

Cloud Gestionado

Trabajamos en un modelo de Cloud Gestionado, flexible y en modo suscripción. 0% CapEX, 100% OpEX

Experiencia de Usuario

myCloudDoor diseña e implementa soluciones que mejoran la experiencia de usuario.

myCloudDoor es especialista en soluciones SAP en Microsoft Azure

Ejecutamos entornos de trabajo críticos, como SAP, sobre una plataforma escalable, consistente y segura para nuestros clientes

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Innovation is Key

La innovación es la clave para ser competittivos

Desarrolla tu carrera en la nube

Escribe un email a careers@myclouddoor.com y trabaja con nosotros

Trabaja con nosotros

What we do?

Business Users Productivity

Access your Business Applications from the most familiar, easiest and best user interface experience, such as Microsoft Office, Office 365, SharePoint or SAP Fiori apps.


What we do?

Integrated Solutions

Cloud for Cloud, Technology for Technology sake just does not make sense. We offer end to end integrated Business solutions based on SAP and Microsoft Software, perfectly integrated and with the highest level of control and Security. You don’t need to build new Cloud Silos or acquire independent Cloud Services, what you need is a trusted Cloud solution partner.


What we do?

Implementation Projects

With the flexibility and the service quality required by the most demanding customers, we take care of implementing and customizing the application software, the data migration and setting up the integration requirements, all under the Managed Cloud flexible contract. Access to the best solutions has never been easier or more economic.


What we do?


We can provide you with the licensing required, whether it is a SaaS subscription, and On-Premise licensing model or “Bring your own license” from SAP, Microsoft or any other licenses required for your complete solution.


What we do?

Platform and Infrastructure

Windows Azure is much more than Infrastructure, is the Microsoft Cloud Platform comprised of a whole suite of Cloud Services including Computing, Web Services, Development Environments, Networking, Data and Application Integration, Security and many more. The Added Value provided by Microsoft Azure is unmatched by any other global competitor

Nuestros servicios

Asesoría Cloud

We help our clients in the adoption and transition of their systems and enterprise applications to the Cloud

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Soluciones Cloud

Diseñamos, implementamos e intehramos Soluciones Cloud de los líderes del mercado

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Cloud Gestionado

Provide, implement, manage and support all business solutions in Cloud environments from infrastructure to user experience

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SAP on Azure value packages

These Value Packages are short standardized services provided by myCloudDoor that allows customers to proof the business and operational benefits, the cost savings and the overall value of deploying SAP systems on Cloud with Microsoft Azure

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Simplifica SAP con Azure

This is a 3 to 4 weeks Pilot or Proof of Concept to verify that you can optimize the TCO of your SAP solutions around 30% by deploying Microsoft Azure and the SAP NW Gateway for Microsoft
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Acelera SAP con Azure

This is a 3 to 4 weeks Pilot or Proof of Concept to verify that you can saves costs, resources and improve the performance, responsiveness and the time to market of your most computing intensive SAP solutions, such as SAP SCM, APO or specific SAP ERP heavy transactions by deploying Microsoft Azure and SQL Server 2014 Columnar or In-Memory
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Innova SAP con Azure

This is a 3 to 4 weeks Pilot or Proof of Concept to verify that you can increase the Return on Investment on your SAP systems and solutions by up to 60% with a significant optimization of your Reporting and Analytics of SAP based information, by using SQL Server 2014 Columnar, the Microsoft Power BI technology on the Azure Cloud platform
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Migración Agile Cloud

Initiation & Business Strategy

Goals. Skateholders. Project Team. Metrics

Assessment & Requirements

Workload Analysis. Requirements. Readinesst

Transformational Design

Workload Elements. Integration Design. Governance. Detailed Planning. OCM Global

Implement 1-> N

Integration Exec. Adopt, Migrate, Deploy. Service Management. Measure

Continuous Improvement

EU Feedback Committee. Scoping Enhancements. Support

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