Don’t tell me you don’t use Cloud because Security Issues

There seems to be an on-going concern about Cloud and whether or not if provides the necessary security for businesses to feel safe using Cloud. You may be surprised to learn that the security on private clouds is strict and likely much better than you think, if you choose to trust a vendor that has all the necessary security certificates. But what security are we talking about and what is the concern relating to this security? Glad you asked! Let’s look a little further.

  1. Are you are worried about hackers cracking your computers and extracting valuable information?
  2. Are you are worried about the availability of your applications, therefore your business continuity?
  3. Are you maybe concerned about if my data can be accessed or used by other clients in a multitenant public cloud?
  4. Are you thinking what would happen to you information if you decide to change providers or applications?

You should consider what security measures that are currently in place and try to compare these to those provided by your Cloud vendor. Unless you are part of a huge organization with lots of resources and high budget for security, it is highly unlikely that your own company will be able to match the security of cloud providers, let alone exceed it.

In answer to some of the questions and concerns we listed, some of your concerns are addressed right here.

  1. Most of the thefts of information actually come from insiders. This can happen both on premise or on Cloud. What you want is an application or system that guarantees that all operations and modifications are properly recorded and that there are adequate alerts in place.
  2. All cloud providers will have in place highly complex backup and disaster recovery process, and they will have several data centres, which will be distributed around the world.
  3. Cloud providers ensure Service Level Agreements, technical mechanisms, integrity in their database layer, and a contract to ensure that no other customer in their public cloud can access your own tenant or information.
  4. Cloud providers offer you the option to either destroy your data or give it back to you in the format that you first migrated your data, a simple way for you to move on.

Remember, in the majority of cases 99% of what your company does, is not associated with complex security mechanisms and measures as recognized Cloud providers. So, if you say that you don’t go to cloud for security reasons, it’s most definitely the wrong reason, and you are missing out on a tool that could change the way you do business. Your worries about security are for the most part are unfounded and they will result in you not taking advantage of the opportunities that today’s technology has to offer, and that would be a shame. If you are unsure, do your own research, and that way you will make solid choices about the use of cloud.

Jose A. Hernandez
Founder & Global CTO at myCloudDoor

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