These are our Cloud Success Stories


  • MN8 Energy – Operational Continuity and Compliance
    MN8 Energy, a rapidly growing renewable energy company, partnered with myCloudDoor to ensure operational continuity and compliance while optimizing costs and improving productivity. This project was […]
  • Pichincha – Optimization of financial processes
    Banco Pichincha is an Ecuatorian financial institution based in Quito, Ecuador. It is one of the largest and most recognized financial institutions in Ecuador and also […]
  • BVC – Optimization of financial processes
    The Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC) is a private financial institution that operates as the main stock market in Colombia. Its main function is to facilitate the […]
  • Philips
    Royal Philips of the Netherlands is a leading health technology company focused on improving people’s health and enabling better outcomes across the health continuum from healthy […]
  • Urbaser
    Urbaser is a world leader in environmental management, a global sustainability-oriented company, serving more than 50 million people in 21 countries through a huge network of […]
  • Prodiel-2
    Prodiel is an international technology company specializing in renewable energy and environmental management. Our passion transforms into the energy needed to carry out any energy project […]
  • Prodiel
    Prodiel is an international technology company specializing in renewable energy and environmental management. Their passion transforms into the energy needed to carry out any energy project […]
  • Iturri
    Iturri is a world leader in protection equipment, serving more than 2 million users in 25 countries. Iturri’s mission is protecting people and their environment with […]
  • TmDrive
    tmdrive is made up of people with more than 20 years of experience in IT, which positions them as a reliable and solid partner for any […]


  • Banking – Cloud Analytical Cost Management
    THE CHALLENGE – REQUIREMENTSThe customer currently has all their BI analytics processes in SAP analytics suite. Systems needs to be rebuilt from analytics SAP environment to […]
  • Manufacturing – Systems 4.0
    THE CHALLENGE – REQUIREMENTSThe customer currently has all their BI analytics processes in SAP analytics suite. Systems needs to be rebuilt from analytics SAP environment to […]
  • Manufacturing – Data Platform & Data Engineering
    THE CHALLENGE – REQUIREMENTSThe customer currently has all their BI analytics processes in SAP analytics suite. Systems needs to be rebuilt from analytics SAP environment to […]
  • Food – Data Platform & Data Engineering
    THE CHALLENGE – REQUIREMENTSThe customer wanted to migrate the ETL processes, SQL server to implement Synapse to integrate all the different data sources in one single […]
  • Food – Data on Cloud
    THE CHALLENGE – REQUIREMENTSAutomate the daily and end of month financial reconciliation processes between the Point Of Selling data and the bank data. Up until now, the […]
  • Transportation – Artificial Intelligence & ML
    THE CHALLENGE – REQUIREMENTSThe client shares with us the need to implement new solutions to improve high-impact business processes. A very important need is identified in […]


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Cloud, Data & Cybersecurity Consulting
Find the Cloud benefits for your company.

Navigate the complexities of cloud adoption with a clear roadmap.  

Formulate a cohesive cloud, data, and cybersecurity strategy. 

Identify areas of modernization to drive efficiency and scalability. 

Establish a governance model for data and cybersecurity, ensuring compliance and risk management. 

Gain insights into the feasibility and prerequisites of cloud migration tailored to your organization. 

Cloud Adoption Roadmap (Projects)

This service offers a detailed, step-by-step roadmap to guide businesses on their cloud journey. We assess your business goals and technological capabilities, preparing your organization to manage Cloud services efficiently. This ensures a future-proof IT platform that aligns with your business objectives.

Cloud, Data & Cybersecurity strategy

In an interconnected digital age, businesses need a comprehensive strategy that addresses cloud adoption, data management, and cybersecurity simultaneously. This service offers a holistic approach, outlining the vision, objectives, and action plans required to harness the power of the cloud, utilize data effectively, and safeguard assets against evolving cyber threats.

Cloud Modernization Assessment

This service aims at providing a comprehensive evaluation of the existing infrastructure, applications, and data to determine the optimal path for cloud migration. We look into potential challenges, costs, and security concerns to design an adoption and/or migration strategy tailored to your needs. Our aim is not just to move your operations to the cloud, but to optimize them for enhanced performance, security, and cost efficiency.

Governance isn’t just about setting rules; it’s about ensuring consistent, secure, and optimized operations across cloud and data landscapes. This service establishes robust governance frameworks, policies, and procedures tailored to an organization’s needs. We focus on cybersecurity, identity management, resource optimization, and cost management. Our governance strategy ensures a balance between innovation and control, allowing for efficient, secure, and compliant Cloud & Data usage.

Cloud, data & cybersecurity governance


Cyber Risk & Resilience Advisory

Professional services to support organizations in identifying, assessing, and managing both internal and third-party cybersecurity risks to which their business processes are exposed. The goal is to reduce the likelihood of a cybersecurity attack materializing and strengthen resilience against potential attacks through technological business continuity plans. Through these services, the client will gain insight into their organization’s current risk level in comparison to the industry landscape. They will also receive recommendations for aligning security measures with their business objectives, allowing for adjustments in financial investments and resource allocation in the field of cybersecurity.

Security & Privacy Compliance

Professional services to support the implementation or maintenance of the Information Security Management System in accordance with internationally recognized cybersecurity frameworks such as NIST, DORA, SOC II, ISO 27001, ENS, and others. This includes the development of security policies, standards, and procedures to enhance the organization’s maturity level and potentially facilitate a cybersecurity framework certification process. In addition, these cybersecurity frameworks drive organizations to comply with regulations that affect personal information. Therefore, we provide support for the adaptation of applicable privacy frameworks with a legal team specialized in technology law.

Prevention and Protective Technologies

Our “Prevention and Protective Technologies” services focus on a holistic approach to cybersecurity. In a digital age, where threats evolve rapidly, it’s essential to be equipped with dynamic preventive measures. We emphasize securing every digital touchpoint – be it applications, networks, or data. By implementing state-of-the-art protective technologies, we ensure a fortified digital landscape for your organization, defending against potential breaches, minimizing vulnerabilities, and ensuring uninterrupted business continuity.

Threat Intelligence & Cyberoperations

The “Threat Intelligence & Cyberoperations” service underscores the importance of proactive defense strategies. In the vast realm of cyber threats, knowledge is the most potent weapon. This service equips you with real-time data on emerging threats and cybercrime techniques, enabling a proactive defense posture. Beyond intelligence, our specialized cyberoperations teams act swiftly to detect, assess, and counteract security threats, ensuring that your business remains resilient in the face of ever-evolving cyber challenges.


Cloud Migration

Our Cloud Migration services provides a seamless transition of your business infrastructure, applications, and data to the cloud. Recognizing the diverse needs and structures of different businesses, we offer a tailored approach. This is not just a ‘lift and shift’ strategy, we prioritize modernization and enhancement of applications for optimal performance in the Cloud environment. By smartly optimizing your TCO, minimizing disruptions, and eliminating technological obsolescence, we help to future-proof your operations, enhancing your productivity and business agility. 

Cloud SecDevOps

Our services integrate security principles into your DevOps process, with a special emphasis on platform automation and orchestration using tools like GitHub Actions or Azure DevOps. We aim to create secure, efficient, and scalable cloud-based containerization (Kubernetes and OpenShift) systems that streamline software delivery and management. By integrating security checks into the CI/CD pipeline, we help identify and mitigate security risks early on. Automated deployment enables us to manage, scale, and update applications seamlessly, improving reliability and speed while reducing potential errors.

Multicloud and Hybrid Architectures

We specialize in designing and implementing complex cloud architectures. We tackle intricate security and networking challenges, delivering secure, robust, and scalable solutions across different cloud platforms. Our team’s proficiency in hybrid solutions such as azure stack and azure arc allows us to design a truly hybrid cloud environment. This service provides your business with flexibility, resilience, and the ability to optimize workloads across multiple cloud environments, catering to your unique needs.

SAP on Cloud

Our SAP on Cloud practice service encapsulates the migration, deployment, and optimization of SAP environments on the cloud. Recognizing the critical role SAP plays in many businesses, we ensure that its transition to the cloud is smooth, efficient, and maximizes the benefits of both SAP and cloud capabilities. This service offers the agility, scalability, and performance that modern businesses require, all while ensuring the robust functionality of your SAP systems.


Perfect your cloud presence. With specialized management and oversight, refine your operations, drive efficiency, an

Managed Cloud Services

Our 24×7 Managed Services provide continuous operations and improvement for your Cloud and Data Platform. We aim to reduce operational and maintenance costs while improving the resilience and agility of your cloud services. We provide Cloud Data Office services which manage all Data and Analytics processes of our customers. By focusing on deploying new functionalities faster, automating operations, and reducing cloud development times, we ensure that your cloud infrastructure remains updated, secure, and efficient, leaving you free to focus on your core business functions.

SOC & Managed XDR

Our certified services combines the strategic oversight of a Security Operations Center (SOC) with extended detection and response (XDR) capabilities. This holistic approach ensures that your cloud environment is continuously monitored for potential threats. Leveraging advanced analytics, AI, and a team of security experts, we rapidly detect, analyze, and respond to security incidents, ensuring that your digital assets are always protected.

Managed SAP Basis Services

The “Managed SAP BASIS Services” provides comprehensive support, technical knowledge and optimization for your SAP infrastructure on the cloud. Recognizing the intricacies of SAP systems, our team of experts ensures optimal performance, security, and reliability of your SAP environment. From routine maintenance to troubleshooting and upgrades, we ensure that your SAP systems are always aligned with business needs and best practices.


Our FinOps service combines effective processes, skilled personnel, and our proprietary tool, myC2M® – a multicloud cost management suite. This unique blend allows us to optimize your cloud costs, offering visibility into expenditure, and delivering actionable insights for efficient financial management. By integrating financial accountability into your cloud operations, we ensure your cloud investments are aligned with your business objectives, driving cost efficiencies across your cloud ecosystem.


Artificial Intelligence

Dive into the future with Artificial Intelligence. We harness the power of AI to transform your business operations, customer experiences, and innovative capacities. By integrating machine learning, deep learning, and cognitive computing into your business processes, we enable predictive insights, automation, and personalized user experiences that were once deemed futuristic. Embrace AI with us and leapfrog your competitors.

Data Platform & Data Engineering

Our Data Platform & Data Engineering practice is the backbone of digital innovation. Recognizing the value of data in today’s digital era, we architect robust, scalable, and secure data platforms tailored to your business needs. Additionally, our data engineering experts ensure that data is cleansed, transformed, and readily available for insights and analytics, paving the way for informed decision-making and innovation.

Advanced Data Analytics

Unlock the hidden potential within your data with our “Advanced Data Analytics” services. Leveraging cutting-edge tools and methodologies, we analyze vast datasets to uncover patterns, correlations, and insights that drive actionable intelligence. From customer segmentation to market forecasting, our data analytics solutions empower you with the knowledge to innovate and excel.

Systems 4.0

Embrace the future of interconnected and intelligent systems with our Systems 4.0 practice. We envision and deploy the next generation of systems that are not only interconnected but also leverage the power of AI, IoT, and advanced analytics. This holistic approach results in systems that are self-optimizing, adaptive, and predictive, laying a strong foundation for Industry 4.0 and beyond.


Business Apps

Empower your business teams with our suite of “Business Apps”. Microsoft Business Applications Platform is a set of Applications and development tools that help organizations be more efficient, streamline processes and make better decision using data. Whether it’s HR, finance, or sales, Business Apps are tailored to streamline workflows and provide intuitive user experiences, ensuring that your business runs seamlessly.

Modern Applications

Step into the future with “Modern Applications”. As digital expectations evolve, so should your software solutions. We specialize in crafting applications that leverage the latest in design principles, cloud technologies, with low-code techniques, and integrative capabilities. These aren’t just applications; they’re experiences designed to delight users and drive business outcomes.

Extended SAP On Cloud

Unlock the hidden potential within your data with our “Advanced Data Analytics” services. Leveraging cutting-edge tools and methodologies, we analyze vast datasets to uncover patterns, correlations, and insights that drive actionable intelligence. From customer segmentation to market forecasting, our data analytics solutions empower you with the knowledge to innovate and excel.

Automation & RPA

Redefine operational excellence with our Automation & RPA services. By utilizing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and other automation tools, we help businesses streamline repetitive tasks, reduce errors, and free up human capital for more value-driven tasks. This includes automated deployment, management, and security monitoring, ensuring your cloud operations are resilient, agile, and cost-efficient. By automating operations, we help your business adapt to changes swiftly, freeing your team to focus on innovation and strategic initiatives.

We assist in developing multi-cloud strategies, migrating to the cloud, implementing cloud solutions, optimizing cloud services, and providing innovative cloud business solutions. With expertise in Cloud technologies, they focus on maximizing benefits, security, and efficiency for our customers.  

Through tailored assessments, governance frameworks, and managed services, myCloudDoor ensures efficient and successful Cloud transformations while continuously optimizing Cloud performance and security. 

At myCloudDoor combine our offering with unique talented people certified experts, agile and reliable methodology, and our fully automated tools (in-house developed and from our best-in-class partners) to ensure a seamless and successful Cloud Journey for your organization. 

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