Some new ways to expand your market with Cloud solutions

With your applications in the Cloud and the right integration platform, you will have endless possibilities available to you to expand your business models, or to get better efficiency and instant data faster than traditional on premise systems. In addition, there will be much less integration effort needed.
Customers that have implemented Cloud solutions, particularly Cloud software as a service, suddenly found that there was a world of opportunities that would allow them to easily and economically expand to new markets and provide the ability to offer additional services to their customers/clients.

One key reason why Cloud allows this expansion to occur effortlessly into other regions, countries, or departments, is that it is as easy as having an internet connection and providing new users of a new business unit with their ID and password. It does not get much easier than that. Cloud has significantly changed the way business can reach out to customers

Consider the case in which you already have your system in place, and you decide you want to pursue a new market for your business with a joint venture. So, you have the option of offering not only your products or services, but also the immediate capacity to manage that market. To some extent you are a potential BPO or Business Process Outsourcer, always with the visibility and you always have control from anywhere at any time.

Other ways to make you more efficient and expandable with Cloud is the availability of hundreds, potentially even thousands, of Cloud services that are available online and accessible to all. These systems could easily be integrated into your applications. And at the end of the day when it comes to your bottom line, it makes real business sense.

We could mention one of the typical and well known of these services known as geo positioning, but that’s just one of the very recognized services. You could also use Cloud services for route optimization of your service teams or transportation needs, all the while saving both time and money. You can also use Cloud services for your real time currency conversion, online shopping catalogs, business-to-business networks, online credit checks, and the list goes on.

Coming on strong and growing daily is the coming strong social selling. This is one of the newest markets and while still in its infancy, it is very evident that it is going to take off and become another popular choice for the use of Cloud services.

Cloud services continue to grow and expand on an ongoing business. For those who have jumped on the Cloud bandwagon early, they will certainly get the jump on their competition and be quick to take advantage of new ways to grow their business using Cloud. For others who are beginning to recognize just how powerful a tool Cloud is, good for you – it is not too late. For those who are still skeptical about what it is Cloud can do for their business, you should recognize that your competition is busy taking advantage of all the new ways to expand their markets and you could find yourself left behind. Cloud is the way of the future – the question is will you recognize the potential early?

Adopt a Cloud!

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